Peddapur Mallanna Jathara | 75,000+ Mallanna Bonalu | Telangana Festival Culture | ABM Creations

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Peddhapur Mallanna Jathara | 30,000+ Mallanna Bonalu | Telangana Festival Culture | ABM Creations

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Peddapur is a village in Korutla (Jagtial district, Telangana, India). It is famous for “Mallanna Jathara” which will be celebrated on 15th March. Devotees of Mallanna ask blessings on that day by taking bonalu for the God.

We do parodies, fun short films, songs, we show our culture, festivals ,development and regular activities videos. once check out all of ABM Creations videos you people really enjoy lot.

Our village location :
village : Korutla
mandal : Korutla
district : Jagityal
state : Telangana

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