Hero – Gayab Mode On – Ep 7 – Full Episode – 15th December 2020

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Episode 7: The Apologetic Explaintation
Veer says something that upsets Zara. She tells him that it is very inappropriate. When he realises what he has said, he profusely asks for forgiveness. She is agitated and asks him to get away from her. She calls up her best friends and tells her that she needs another room. Veer tries to apologize for his doings.

About The Show:
Long ago, in the fight between the good and the evil, a powerful ring gets lost. This isn’t any ordinary ring, for the one who wears it can become invisible. Back to the modern times, this ring finds its way to a powerful being, who is silent on the surface and stirs up a storm within. This invisible Hero is all set to sweep you off your feet. Get ready to hop on to an adventurous ride with Hero – Gayab Mode On.



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