ENGLISH CHOTI STORY-You took off the saree of your friend’s mother

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ENGLISH CHOTI STORY I study in college inter exam just finished. Me and my very close friend Hossain we are always together we all call Manikjo’s husband because I don’t understand anything except him, he takes him with me when we go anywhere.After the inter exam, my friend got an offer to go abroad. And within 1 months he made the passport ready and went away. I go to their house all the time The condition of their family is not so good because of which he is going abroad. They are 2 brothers and their elder brother does a small job in Dhaka so the family doesn’t run. He doesn’t have a father. That’s why friend went abroad to take responsibility of family.So hurt for her leaving. But I used to go to their house almost, my friend used to call me and say that my mother is alone, please go and see me.One day I went to their house,

ENGLISH CHOTI STORY I was chatting with his mother. I have a very good relationship with auntie. I was sitting on the bed, Aunty made me tea. Auntie sat down in a tool. But suddenly the aunty’s saree’s axle went down and immediately saw the milk on the aunty’s blouse. The milk is very fair. I pretended not to see even after seeing. And didn’t think anything in mind.Went again after 10/15 days. Then I was sitting on the couch chatting with auntie. I talked the most about my friend. I used to talk to him on the phone even after coming to their house.

ENGLISH CHOTI STORY But today auntie’s face was different. I was also feeling somewhat uncomfortable. Aunty doesn’t wear saree like before. Aunty wore saree well when I came. But after making tea, my aunt’s saree was wearing a little down and showing her belly, I was getting sick. But looked so sexy hot. The navel was out. And aunty was just fixing the saree’s achal and showing milk.I finished drinking tea. Then Aunty came to get four cups from me and went down to get a cup of tea and her saree’s achal was removed and the milk was hanging from the blouse. I couldn’t take my eyes off anymore. Auntie looked at me and said look what. I’m shocked what to say. After some time, aunty told me why haven’t you seen me ever?I immediately realized that there is no husband. Aunty is trying to get rid of the pain of her ass.

ENGLISH CHOTI STORY And when he said this I dared to say it immediatelyNo seen in picture but never seen as beautiful as youAunty said see what in the picture I said nothing aunty. Auntie came next to me and said tell me. My dhon stopped in a while. Aunty herself put down her saree’s alch in front of me just wearing blouse ufff……. never thought this would happen. What a big 2 milk. Auntie holding my hand over her milk. My brain is no longer working. I immediately started pressing the milk. Auntie told me after many years someone caught my milk.No more words today,That’s why he put me on the sofa and started kissing me on my lips like crazy. My whole sex is gone. Ufff……. Aunty’s right there so soft. Auntie took off the blouse.

ENGLISH CHOTI STORY Her milk was hanging I started pressing her milk so hard her nipples are tight. Told me suck I immediately started pressing one and sucking a milk nap. Auntie was acting like crazy. Then I took off all the sarees I put my finger in her ass under the petticoat of aunt.Aunty ahhhhh…….. did it. My hands with my fingers are full of all aunties ass juice. I didn’t know before that there is so much juice. Aunty said I can’t do it anymore. She took off her petticoat and fell on the sofa. I took off my shirt, pants and aunty got up and filled her ass with my dick. Aunty’s ass is very tight, no one fucks her for a long time.Auntie just hugged me. I don’t know she will tear me apart just taking me to milk I started fucking and aunt started sucking milk. After some time,

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ENGLISH CHOTI STORY I saw tears coming down from aunt’s eyes. I said what happened. Aunty said nothing is water of happiness. Kolkata panu storyI started fucking harder. Auntie said hold me tight I started hugging tight. Auntie said come closer. In a while, I understood that aunt’s work is done. She’s been out. I’m starting to get more stressed. My mall will be out in a while. I said Auntie Mal is coming. He said put it inside.

I immediately poured the stuff inside the cave and lay down on aunt’s chest.I used to go after 3/4 days and used to fuck aunty every time. I stayed with aunty for a long night. I used to fuck aunty 3 times in a day. ENGLISH CHOTI STORY

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