Hero – Gayab Mode On – Ep 78 – Full Episode – 24th March, 2021

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Episode 78: Message From Shukracharya
Hero tells Zara about the situation with the alien who tried to get to him through her. Soon, Dansh gets a message from Shukracharya that gives him an idea to turn the tide in his favor. Later, Rocky plants a bug on Amal’s shoulder so he can track his location. Continue to watch the full episode only on Sonyliv.

About The Show:
Long ago, in the fight between good and evil, a powerful ring gets lost. This isn’t any ordinary ring, for the one who wears it can become invisible. Back in modern times, this ring finds its way to a powerful being, who is silent on the surface and stirs up a storm within. This invisible Hero is all set to sweep you off your feet. Get ready to hop on to an adventurous ride with Hero – Gayab Mode On.



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