Al Pacino wins dubious accolade of Hollywood’s most foul-mouthed actor – All Bangla Choti

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Al Pacino wins dubious accolade of Hollywood's most foul-mouthed actor – All Bangla Choti – বাংলা চটি সমগ্র

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He made his name playing mobsters, so perhaps it is no surprise that Al Pacino has won the dubious accolade of being named Hollywood’s most sweary actor.
Pacino, 82, who starred in The Godfather trilogy, has said ‘f***, ‘s***’ and ‘hell’ 295 times. 
More than a third – 68 of 197 – of his f-bombs came in Donnie Brasco in 1997.
However, another screen tough guy, Joe Pesci, is king of the f-word, using it a staggering 241 times in one

Goodfellas star Joe Pesci (pictrued) used the f-word a staggering 241 times in one film, Casino 

Julia Roberts was the only actress to feature in the top 25 most sweary actors, having sworn 42 times out of her total of 63 as single-mother and legal assistant Erin Brockovich.
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back star Jason Mewes took third place on the list, with 263 expletives across his films – 190 cases of ‘s**** and ‘f***’ in the 2001 comedy alone.
And Jonah Hill was fourth on the list with 238 swear words in his films, which include The Wolf of Wall Street, the holder of the record for the film containing the most amount of swearing, 687 in total, or an average of 3.81 swears per minute, according to the Guinness World Records.
One surprising finding was Samuel L Jackson who failed to make the top five despite once offering to teach people how to swear.
The Pulp Fiction actor has tallied up 143 expletives throughout his career and has a reputation for sweary characters.
It comes after he promised to teach fans how to curse in 15 different languages if they registered to vote in the 2020 US elections.

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